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Bilko screenshot

Polar projection MERIS in the LearnEO! tutorial

Bilko 3.4 software

Bilko was first developed for UNESCO in 1987 to provide free image processing capability for education use. The software has since been updated regularly, to keep pace with developments in remote sensing technology. This included updates to support Envisat N1 data from AATSR, ASAR, MERIS and RA-2 soon after launch of the satellite.

LearnEO! has extended Bilko's capabilities to include support for data from ESA satellites such as ERS, SMOS and CryoSat, as well as along-track altimeter data from Envisat and Jason-2. The new version, for use with LearnEO! lessons, is now available to download.

Bilko screenshot

Screenshot from the Amazon lesson using SMOS data

Bilko screenshot

Principal Component Analysis in a Bilko mini-lesson

Bilko screenshot

Screenshot from the El Niñno lesson

Bilko screenshot

Screenshot from the lesson on Forest monitoring

Bilko screenshot

Screenshot from a lesson on subpixel cloud.

Software description

Platform and operating system

Bilko v.3.4 is designed to run on PCs running Windows 7 - 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. If you need a version that runs on an earlier operating system, please get in touch.

Bilko also runs on Intel Macs with WINE (free), Parallels or VMware Fusion.
Quick guide to installing WINE and Bilko on a Mac (PDF).
Bilko should run in a similar way on Linux with WINE.

Software features

The latest version fixes known issues with previous versions, and includes improvements to many of the software features.

Bilko software now features:

Batch processing of image data

The latest version of Bilko also offers limited support for batch-processing of image data from the Windows Command line. This is based on Bilko sets (lists of files and parameters to be extracted from these) and formula documents (mini-programs) containing processing instructions. The batch processing capability is currently being tested by selected Bilko users.

Downloading and using Bilko

The latest install version of Bilko 3.4 from September 2015 is now available.Support for running Bilko in batch-processing mode has been further improved .

Download the new install version by entering your registered e-mail address below. If you are new to Bilko, please register first, using the link on the top menu bar.



Other free software

There are a number of free software packages available to process and manipulate data from ESA and other satellites. Some are more specialist than Bilko and suitable, for example, for more advanced processing of specific data types. Below we will add brief descriptions of these, with links to web sites where you can find the software and and user support for these packages.