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LearnEO brochure

Tutorial 2.2: Colour composite images

Earth observation (EO) education material

Hands-on lessons from the Bilko tutorial

Several of the hands-on lessons in the LearnEO! Tutorial for the Bilko software are suitable for beginners. These are briefly described below. To download software, lessons and images, you must be a registered user.

T2.1 Opening and examining images uses an example image from the Lake Victoria region of East Africa. The instructions explain how to display the image, zoom in and out, find specific locations, and examine features such as clouds, forests, lakes etc. It is accompanied by notes on the area and an annotated image pointing out features of interest. Data description and download.

Ocean quizzes

The U.K. National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has developed a number of quizzes, for use during open days. Many (but not all) are about satellites and satellite oceanography. The quizzes are available in PDF format below. Some are accompanied by posters with information that may help solve the quiz. Solutions are available to registered teachers.